Dilemma of a dawn

This morning I woke up like

Past my life past my alike

I wondered for a moment to be sure

If it’s the same fall on last night lure

Surprising to see

I wasn’t where I was meant to be

Over blue and beyond stack

Green on the right, white on the rack

The colors that cherry-pick bewitched to plea

Or was it the yesterday in a similar dream

Just like a day on the year cream

There I saw a window of sight

Cleared it with my hand of flight

Arbitrary answers and questions to seal

Still wasn’t there I was meant to deal

I try to seek it, for once came out

Blue water yellow sand in a stout

The perspective was wider to see

I could feel much inside of me

The hand rose up to catch a pretty fin

My voice was raised to watch a poise sing

As destiny was purposed to be

A bit clear where It was meant to see

Finally I walked down the ice

I drowned, I left and I purposed it on a slice

And opened my eyes to thee

More alive of life was left in me

The candle which was carried away by wind

Counting on Years and years amass of sin

Was finally lit beneath the blue

To rose under spur and dew

No further did any problem I see

This was all I meant to be


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