The Delicate life of Miss, Mr and Mrs

One day as I could see far three persons sat on my radar. One was a Miss as I can easily understand, She was young and she was mad, Half-crazy pretty other half sad. Who I think may ponder often too, is she single too easy to stand? Troubled with her red scarf around the neck, Too windy to go around as pink as peck. She stumbled often as walking down the lane. But all was pretty from toe to the mane. As anyone could see all the way, it was a delicate life of a miss to say.

As I could further perceive, another story folded at spree. The next person I spotted was a Mr who was as shallow as hole in the cluster. He wore a black suit with a purple tie; I wonder it’s just the colour or more than the mystics of the lie. He took some penny out of his pocket and wondered for a while.  His hands checked his pennies to take a good bye as well as getting some smoke in air half grey half dye. As the smoke rose in the air and so he did ply, walking down the same lane as did our miss passed by.

Life’s strange as it happens to be, Much stranger when we take a turn to see, how stupid and crazy we was and would be. The two people sat on the bench taking a view of the far far away woods and the dawn at the sea. By way of it comes about to see, people doing talks even if they don’t meant to be. So as the conversation kicked up here too. One happens to be enthusiastic about the single life of the other whereas she wished for her sorry to be once days to come in scene. Silly is it why don’t we try to take lessons from someone else mistakes done, may be they try to play the wheel of fortune while they are on the same run. Anyway so here we are back while they try their luck in each other delicate life, here comes the Mrs in between taking the break she’s always been keen.

So this is how the third person is here, a woman in her forties, half full half empty, looking confused about life, finding a way to get sweetness and beyond. Her rosy skin has little light lines of worrying about a man, her family and a future to be fine. She took a snap out and gazed at it constantly. As her feet stumbled she had a halt to her uninterrupted break of a long walk. Since morning she had a thought what is she missing and what is over at the top. She saw the Miss and the Mr talking a stroll at their life. She got some answers what it kept her wondering by. There came a greeting of a hello and a Hi. While our Mr and Miss got some issues sorted fine, the Mrs came prepared with a family tie. They all sat down to revive each other roles; everyone agreed individualism and commitment run from pole to pole. If one has to survive as good as it glee there has to be lot of love, sweetness, time and righteousness at knee. So as they could talk to each other for the forever time they can recall. This is first, in a very fine period of time. They stood around, hugged themselves with love of the relations they can now evoke. As it was a family who was getting at the ease, the miss as the daughter, Mrs as the mother and Mr as role of the father with much please. The snap she stared now finally looked complete. They walked with each other per answers in the mind, fully satisfied without hands searching each other empty pockets with or without knife. After all it’s a matter of love and delicate life of Miss, Mr and Mrs


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