You are me

I am a weapon so sharp,
It cuts and cuts with a splendid arc,
I am healer so strong,
It heals and heals forever with a sweet song,
I leave no mark, no wound so hard,
It constantly recovers so strong in every yard,
I am round and I am square,
I am circle and everything anyone can ever dare
My strength is all endlessly beyond,
I lift, I sit and I can play everything around,
Bitter, sour, everything is me,
Don’t you judge now, don’t even try to be,
Life’s Heuristic journey goes hand to mind,
It is not too difficult not simple you can find,
Very long way you have to travel,
Before you can see me and unravel,
Everyone wants it to be me and more me,
Still you have to climb high and high,
To decide if you want en route to be free,
I have knife, iron, diamonds & draught,
It’s not bad to see what you still got,
Search me and you won’t find me,
Know me and you will like me,
Hate me and you can see,
I am all that you want to be,
It’s not something you can just please,
It is your whole life dedicated to me,
For now, you shall hold my hand,
I am taking you across a farther lane,
No sorrow, no pain, no cut and too much gain,
Believe me, trust me, it’s all ME,
Open your arms and fly this time to see,
It’s always what you ever wanted to be.


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