The First Life

Wonder Wonder, many things to tell,
I’ve kept inside for many trips and other fell,
I am this life as the matter of sake,
Climb up and go down with each part of its make,
My tears are gone and I don’t think,
I have made so much burden and blinks,
Tearing apart and falling brick by brick,
I wish I could just hold one hand for sailing through this pick,
How many more years to survive I just wonder,
Why do I have to live and forget the hunger?
The light is gone and I don’t see anything,
Only the survival is lasting with every of something,
Even if I wish now to start and stand up at this hour,
My strength is not so left open and closes in the power,
My wait is the worth as it seems,
I have just written a stupid poem as possible as it means.


Any thoughts to share?

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