Is it necessary

Is it necessary to speak every time?

Is it to say “yes” I do care!
Is it necessary to laugh every time?
Is it just to show a fake smile?
Is it necessary to cry every time?
Is it to make u feel I do!

Is it necessary to fill my mind?
Is it to take stress on my side?
Is it necessary to hate you?
Is it to love everyone when u r not sure!

Is it? No it’s not… Yes No?
Necessity is not all about I want anymore,
All I want is me, no one no more!
I do cherish lives & people around,
But have me in me, this and more beyond!

Really thought ever? “The things we said that have became necessities- Are they? Sure about them being the necessity or they just the habitual attractors of the lighted world. Necessities are the one the make us merge with the god not make us merge beyond him. Take a life!


Any thoughts to share?

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