Too many expectations, just one life

Sometimes I sit; sometimes I am on stand by

I have lived my life rich and alone

Dancing and swirling and curling

Half full half empty in the cone

My hands are on white

Too pure and sometimes too light

I have the magic to be certain

To be the best and to be the name

I have seen the sky, the life and the swan

Sometimes she flies and cries

Sometimes she hit the ground

This time on time and place

Too correct to be a faithful dare

But the assurance is there,

Expectations are here here here




The Day when I found my wings

I still remember the day when I was lost

I was so sure to never hear my voice

The choices were over and as I could see

It was nothing so it’s better dead to be

So I lay down quietly in my stage

Till I found around a beautiful new page

It drew someone, roughly like a face

Something was there, I was sure

Just doubted my abilities with complete endure

But when he swiftly said hello with a pace

I could now see a touch more than a face

Blinked and blinked to see if it was true

I touched to see if it fades as everything other do

But then I see I am not dreaming anymore

So I moved a step forward and one less one more

The days passed and with each thrive

I could feel enchanting pleasure in my empty life

The house and the nearby beautiful meadows

I could hear him, with every sunshine, flower and shadow

He lives within my thoughts all and for a while

May be I could say someday, you’re the best thing

For all things that made me smiled,

The day when I was lost has gone for now

And I can see myself in each dusk and dawn

Thanks to you for coming around and made me sing

To make a lifeless bird alive and giving back its wings.

Ordinary Life

One fine day when the sun seems bright,

I could never see the sky so blue in light,

The whiz of winds get past by,

As I Wondered from path to mountains and ahead,

After all it’s a part of my ordinary life.

I climbed up and down and up again,

Patience is all what I got here,

I cannot stop here…I need to climb,

No matter how much it will cost more or less,

After all it’s a part of my ordinary life.

Life’s not so easy nor that hard,

You got to find and I got to mark,

I handle and blend and go around and straight,

Never the more, and more the less,

Sit, walk and change the game of knife

After all it’s a part of my ordinary life.

The First Life

Wonder Wonder, many things to tell,
I’ve kept inside for many trips and other fell,
I am this life as the matter of sake,
Climb up and go down with each part of its make,
My tears are gone and I don’t think,
I have made so much burden and blinks,
Tearing apart and falling brick by brick,
I wish I could just hold one hand for sailing through this pick,
How many more years to survive I just wonder,
Why do I have to live and forget the hunger?
The light is gone and I don’t see anything,
Only the survival is lasting with every of something,
Even if I wish now to start and stand up at this hour,
My strength is not so left open and closes in the power,
My wait is the worth as it seems,
I have just written a stupid poem as possible as it means.

You are me

I am a weapon so sharp,
It cuts and cuts with a splendid arc,
I am healer so strong,
It heals and heals forever with a sweet song,
I leave no mark, no wound so hard,
It constantly recovers so strong in every yard,
I am round and I am square,
I am circle and everything anyone can ever dare
My strength is all endlessly beyond,
I lift, I sit and I can play everything around,
Bitter, sour, everything is me,
Don’t you judge now, don’t even try to be,
Life’s Heuristic journey goes hand to mind,
It is not too difficult not simple you can find,
Very long way you have to travel,
Before you can see me and unravel,
Everyone wants it to be me and more me,
Still you have to climb high and high,
To decide if you want en route to be free,
I have knife, iron, diamonds & draught,
It’s not bad to see what you still got,
Search me and you won’t find me,
Know me and you will like me,
Hate me and you can see,
I am all that you want to be,
It’s not something you can just please,
It is your whole life dedicated to me,
For now, you shall hold my hand,
I am taking you across a farther lane,
No sorrow, no pain, no cut and too much gain,
Believe me, trust me, it’s all ME,
Open your arms and fly this time to see,
It’s always what you ever wanted to be.

Ring of fire

The new begginings for today

the closing sphere for the past

I can see the future

Be sure, it may last

soverign was the my last demand

I knew it will end

still I was blamed for the sky

for something I didnt meant

I am collecting all the love

circle it with huge fire

you can see it in my eyes

its all the little pain

I will swallow

Is it necessary

Is it necessary to speak every time?

Is it to say “yes” I do care!
Is it necessary to laugh every time?
Is it just to show a fake smile?
Is it necessary to cry every time?
Is it to make u feel I do!

Is it necessary to fill my mind?
Is it to take stress on my side?
Is it necessary to hate you?
Is it to love everyone when u r not sure!

Is it? No it’s not… Yes No?
Necessity is not all about I want anymore,
All I want is me, no one no more!
I do cherish lives & people around,
But have me in me, this and more beyond!

Really thought ever? “The things we said that have became necessities- Are they? Sure about them being the necessity or they just the habitual attractors of the lighted world. Necessities are the one the make us merge with the god not make us merge beyond him. Take a life!

Forget the past that sleeps

The furious moods of yesterday
The new beginnings of future
Forget the past that sleeps
Burning still inside
A shallow surface creeps

Waiting for the yet to be believed
Searching for the soul at once
Should I do it or should I don’t
I never believed it
But yes finally I did it

For the final time I can say
Forgetting is not just a matter
A moment of today and here
From we go on
Still opening the gates of tomorrow
But belief sparks inside
A candle alone yet accompanied

Days come days go! Sadly never understood the whisper of life but now is the time to really move ahead. Keep the life on wheels, speed up and make it fire!!!

Beautiful Moments

The sun in the sky meets the rainbow in the arms
not too far to go not too close to find
this sweet smell of moments make me go fly
it is the beautiful moments of the day en the warmth of the nights

so how far I have to go in search of it
it has many paths and wander much of a bit
with the each circle it make me go away
and each time the magnet make me stick to it

I can feel the love in me with the colors of the sky
its blue its red its green and its shy
each time it comes with a pink touch of glow
make me red and makes me white

all I can feel is U within me
my heart regains U every time it beats
just shouting out to see from where will U hear
the beautiful moments of the day and the warmth of the nights