Myself in Deny


There are few instances of me
Imagery shaking off the sea
Whispers of this gentle breeze
Making me go away from me
Apparent reason and lies
I wish I could deny
I feel them in my hands
Taking away one by one
It happens to me twice
When I am free and alive
But how you See?
Isn’t How you always feel
Try me a little
Never hurt anymore
There are moments wrapped
Of the sore choices to frozen
Oh I wish. How I would be?
If I am wrapped in black
Or trident extreme
Make me a major
Point to the sunrise
For my path is full
Of pebbles deep throttling design
Faith is beautiful
It is deep inside
Let me be what I was
wondering how much to forbid
Most important thing to lie
I,Me and myself in deny
I,me and myself in deny



I am in a tree
I am in a tree
My wings are white
My rainbow like leaves
Break out the shadow
Of this sedentary freeze
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Whisper in my eyes
I see that long way from here
I am open but then again so close
Yet what all matters in sake of heart
Stand on peace, love and godlike
I got to choose the bits
That still fit in my wise
Of major and minors plea
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Pick up or pack up
There are two, tells the wise
If you got to see a believer
I will take you alongside
My roads are barren
My path is clear
I’ll follow you or if you could steer
Remember the choices
Of dad and mom dear
And make those love moments
Cherished to clear
You’ll always see a rainbow isle then
In any meadow of fear
There is always another truth to see
I am going to fall in me
I am going to fall in me

Going Care free


I am into music
I am into dance
I am into tunes
I am into romance
I see I laugh
I wish I feel
I believe I am into something more
I am so care free
I am so care free

I walk so slowly
I say so loud
I give up so soon
I work so hard
I imagine my life
I imagine my cloud
Of the seven depths alive
I am so care free
I am so care free

Back stepping on foot
Working charms on suit
I have designed a silver moon
And sparkled sun alive
I am easily tangled
Don’t see my camouflage
Drunk in love
The worst I can be
I am so care free
I am so care free

Now if it’s a morning phase
Or I see a true pink
It’s the blush I pinched
Its walk to guarantee
Gimme something good
Do I wanna know?
Ain’t it fun good?
Ain’t it truly me?
I am care free
I am care free

Don’t think I forgave you
Don’t think I started it
I am the one to finish
I am on to longing
I see another shore
I see another shop
Of all the colors you brought
This one sticks aloud
I am your dream
I am your reverie
I am so care free
I am so care free

Just for a while


Miracles divine
Adoring this time
These senses smell foul
All I could hear is some small crawls
Maybe I am eager
Maybe it’s just a wish
My curiosity generalized
Meet me as my soul
There are chances
Which would be taken otherwise
Still I dance to the tune
Of the yesterday happening
Of all those better tomorrows
I don’t know much words
I am bad with the letters
I don’t know how to express
I see if I believe
Or I believe so that I see
All I know to feel
Something deep
Something divine
Adoring this time
Adoring this time
Just for a moment
Just for a while

Dont hurt- Just love!!!


Feathers to touch
Love to breathe
Kiss to tame
Ruins to dream
If it’s a story I’m writing
Or ending another tale
I keep my finger spanned
For I have seen another maiden desire
Nothing short of the sweet same

The power of touch
Healing in eternal lips
Love is the burning desire
Behind every moment we tip
Swaying in pink
But red lead my core
Clear me, take me,
Wherever you want
These hands are my bonds
For I shall come along

This love is at par
Passionate burning star
For this autumn morning
We wake in arms
For shall thou see
It’s the lone reality realm
If I say something
Or if you trail along
I choose to go senseless
For my senses rest in you
Don’t leave me
Don’t ever make me think you are gone
You are special
My dream come true song

For all tranquil to walk
When our step becomes one
You live, I am alive
You touch, I feel to survive
Listen the winds of twilight to first light
Follow in the arms of romance
I be endlessly yours
And you be forever in this stance
My clouds of love
Touch you in your soul
Be there, be here
For you is my only love
My only reverie of more
My only reverie of more…love you!!!!!

The Wishing Well


My wishes to a wishing well
Curtsey bows and shell
Images still vague in time
Places to choose which were mine
White quick to play
Black tries to hide
Grey comes to amuse
And lies come alive
I choose something
To pleasure and to plight
I admire it the most
Withering the sunrise
When ocean back waters
When winds takes its pride
I amused at the laugh
This flattered my own disguise
The curtains are red
The skies are blue
If I should run
I often be the new moon
I hope eclipse forget me
And full moon takes the play
To my dances in this well
I try pressing beyond life clay
Walking behind my path
Are the silver marks of first rain
When I hold the drop
Never falling in vain
I paused I saw
I wish I penciled
In the moments of seldom few
Wish this well
I wish to be me
I shall break all bonds in ages
All handcuffs to be free
Standing on the top
With the emerald meadows shine
Love in my heart
Is still very divine
Why I still see some pain?
Why entirety ends to the same?
If clouds are shattered
If the music is so fade
Why I still can hear?
The melodies of this angry mane
I wish to see clearly
I wish to strive
For long as I live
I be loved and be alive
Let me just fall
And let me then stand
I am here now
Here where I am meant
My wishes to a wishing well
Curtsey bows and shell
Images still undefined
Places to choose which were mine.
Places to choose which were mine.


I feel like writing something
On the walls of your heart
I feel like fighting for something
Against the destiny apart
I feel like missing something
Then I could see you again
For a tamed kiss
For an enchanting spell
If we could see forever
The new dream has begun
I feel like sitting somewhere
And be lifted to the ever shore
Where we are now safe
In arms of each other
But what if it’s nothing
Nothing, to lasts forever
And music enough
To dance together
I feel like choosing something
For love over money
And never regret
It’s the best of everything
For enough I could write
In the matters of the fate
I feel like forgetting something
When we drifted apart
Those paths hold
My cries, the ever strongest drops
This felled on the rocks
Chosen by life
Encrypted by self
Those very much insight
Of what it meant to be
I feel like feeling something
Those desires I wish
Secretly behind my face
All troubled smiles
Laughing millions in while
In honor of this love
I fulfilled my fate
I loved you
More than anything else
But for its destiny
I couldn’t let it be true
I wish I had the power to fight
But all that I have
Is the power to write
And here I am providing justice
To this affairs memories
Only if I could walk more
With the shadows of the past
I could live everything
With choice of the truths
I feel like writing something
On the walls of your heart
Be truthful and dare
And never drift apart
Just for a moment
I am forgetting everything
And just accepting
There is an immortal love
Resting in peace
And I am writing a new story
To feel like writing one.
And I feel like writing something

If there’s a white within me


Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me
Of all the I sew
Those moments that flew
Pictures came to life
When I had a simple sight
Conceptions of these souls
Rotten up to fold
Slaves up
People down
Life is so true
When it does to see
Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

If I see some clouds
Raining up on the tree
There are some leaves wet
And some waiting to be
If straight that not happens
And you feel the luck
Those heavy choices
Joking it all amok
Of all the choices you dream
It’s what grey tends to be
And I am beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

Might up some causes
That flew from the window
Making a colliding rose
Shattering the shadow
Whiskers up to this nose
If you Point up some lives
If something is tamed
It’s a virtuous on side
But its whole lots of emotions
Running faulty prides
Life is so true
When it does to see
Beginning to think
If there’s a white within me

Of last I have no words
I don’t say I fall
I say I stand tall
But those lonely paths
I stride to survive
May be rhythms are running
Fiercely crying behind
All I am able to sing
Those first words of life
In the world of so black
I see something light
Beginning to see
There is a white within me
There is a white within me